Vendor managed inventory program

Fastener Service Corporation is a leader in Business Inventory Management Programs that redefine the vendor/supplier relationship. The future of procurement is in creating strategic alliances where the OEM and Supplier maximize efficiencies and economies in supply. Integrated supply achieved with Fastener Service's FAST-SERV Managed Inventory Program reduces total procurement costs, maintains optimum inventory levels to reduce carrying costs, and assures a continuous supply of quality product to support your production line.

As an OEM your expertise is manufacturing your product. Fastener Service's expertise is managing inventory. The integration of our two strengths can result in achieving maximum productivity with the knowledge your production line is well supported and stock outages become a thing of the past.

Vendor managed inventory program

Just one example of FAST-SERV bin option

What are the benefits of a FAST-SERV Vendor Managed Inventory System? First and foremost, FSC professionals have decades of inventory management experience establishing and operating Just-In-Time Kanban programs and are supported by broad resources to address your procurement needs. Your Purchasing Department will be more productive when the burden of monitoring low dollar, high volume parts is managed by our inventory professionals, allowing your personnel to focus on higher value products to attain savings in commodities having greater impact on your profitability. Cost savings are immediately realized when costly individual purchase orders for low dollar purchases are consolidated under a blanket agreement.

FSC personnel process all orders for products and assure the parts are received in a timely manner. As a Dock to Stock Program, FAST-SERV eliminates the need for Receiving to process orders and Quality Control no longer expends valuable time inspecting low value parts since FSC performs three quality checks to guarantee the correct parts are delivered to your production line. Lastly, Stockroom personnel no longer have to replenish floor bins since stock is maintained by Fastener Service personnel.

In addition, FAST-SERV provides periodic reports detailing total product usage, frequency of order by item, and total dollar expenditures. FSC can tailor a program to isolate usage for specific production lines within your facility for allocation of expenses.

When considering a Vendor Managed Inventory Program, the supplier you select for this strategic alliance must possess a proven record of performance with their "Partners" and a financial stability that ensures an uninterrupted supply of product. Fastener Service Corporation's strong financial position and proven reliability with our partners is a matter of record as reported by Dun & Bradstreet. We want to form the foundation for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. References are available by request upon qualification by FSC personnel.