Business Inventory Management Programs

Fastener Service has been a leader in Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Programs for over 30 years. Your procurement is optimized by selecting a proven Partner specializing in fasteners and Class “C” components.  Integrated supply achieved with a FAST-SERV Managed Inventory Program reduces total procurement costs, maintains optimum inventory levels, and assures a continuous supply of quality product to support your production line.  As an OEM, your expertise is manufacturing your product, and Fastener Service's expertise is managing inventory.

The integration of our two strengths in Partnership achieves maximum productivity.  Service has been our hallmark and key to success.  Others tout technology to operate VMI, removing the human element from the process, but Fastener Service believes nothing replaces a knowledgeable team to assure a continuous supply of quality product to support your production.  Our personal service includes an assigned Outside Service Representative who comes to know and understand your stock requirements, plus is available to support your production staff by answering questions related to product and services. Our professional inside Customer Service Representatives assures competent support to alleviate the burden of replenishing your inventory. Our team becomes an extension of your organization to continuously improve the flow of product and keep your costs down.

What are the benefits of a FAST-SERV Managed Inventory Program? 

Foremost, Fastener Service offers decades of experience establishing and operating VMI, Just-In-Time, and Kanban programs. This experience, and offering broad supplier resources, address your procurement needs and provide a seamless transition from the traditional order process to Managed Inventory. With FAST-SERV, cost savings are immediately realized.  Your Purchasing Department becomes more productive as the burden of monitoring and reordering low dollar, high volume parts is managed by our inventory professionals and additional savings are realized by supplanting costly stand-alone purchase orders by consolidating procurement under a blanket purchase agreement. Fastener Service personnel process all orders and assure parts are delivered on time. As these are Dock to Stock, FAST-SERV eliminates the need for Receiving to process orders and Quality Assurance no longer expends countless hours inspecting low value parts since Fastener Service performs three quality checks on each item prior to delivery to guarantee conforming parts are on your production line. 

In addition, you remain in control of your expenditures with periodic reporting detailing total product usage, frequency of order by item, and total expenditures.  Fastener Service can tailor a program to isolate usage for point of use and by production lines within your facilities for allocation of expenses.

When considering a Partner for your Supplier Managed Inventory Program, the supplier you select for this strategic alliance must possess a proven record of performance and financial stability that ensures an uninterrupted supply chain.  Fastener Service’s strong financial position and proven reliability with our Partners is a matter of record as reported by Dun & Bradstreet.  It is our philosophy to form a solid foundation for a long term, mutually beneficial relationship. Please contact us to discuss how FAST-SERV can improve your operation.