About Us

The genesis for Fastener Service was in the early 1980’s when our founders saw a fundamental change in the mindset for procurement:  a move from the traditional buyer-seller relationship where each party sought to maximize, to the value of Partnership with mutual benefits and long-term commitment.  It was the era of Kan Ban, Just -in-time (JIT), and Dock-to-Stock when we developed the FAST-SERV Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program to gain cost efficiencies, reduce material and soft costs, to improve the flow of product, and generally improve material management. Though our emphasis is VMI Bin Stocking Materials Management, our experienced customer service staff is ready to assist you with any of your fastener needs.

With more than 25 years of experience in fasteners and Mil-Spec hardware, we created a system rooted in providing the highest quality fasteners, electro-mechanical hardware, and Class “C” Components. Coming from a Mil Spec environment, we understand the importance of quality and accountability, which resulted in Fastener Service establishing a business model having 100% lot control and traceability.  We developed a service model to ensure exemplary customer service and long-term commitment to excellence. Personalized service is key to a long-term relationship. 

Service has always been key to our success. Our Partners will tell you, the high level of service extended to them at the start of a relationship does not diminish with the passage of time.  Our business model has gained recognition for service excellence through the years and we believe today, as through our history, personal service cannot be understated.  Many suppliers today tout technology alone to solve materials management, but we believe nothing replaces hands on Customer Service personnel assigned and committed to support your program, both at the point of use and by your inside Customer Service Representative.

Confidence in your supplier is paramount for a VMI and Dock To Stock Partnership where you relinquish the Quality Assurance to them.  Receiving conforming product consistently is critical to maintain production.  Fastener Service fully embraces our responsibility for Quality Assurance by sourcing the highest quality products, and we developed procedures incorporating redundancy in the inspection to assure the potential for human error leading to nonconforming product reaching your bin is minimized to nearly zero.  

Finding the right fastener for your application is often time consuming. From our facility in the Silicon Valley of California, we serve customers nationally and internationally. Fastener Service maintains a diverse inventory of non-ferrous, stainless hardware in unified SAE and metric.  Our product offering is targeted to manufacturers of instrumentation, medical, semiconductor, RF/Microwave, and defense industries. We offer more than 100,000 SKUs and stock over 25,000 items; including machine screws, spacers and standoffs, cleanroom hardware, plus AN, MS, NAS hardware to DFARS compliance.  Our strength is smaller diameter below ¼ inch and M8.  Our products conform to RoHS and REACH Value Added Services in addition to Managed Inventory, include Kitting, Packaging, and Labeling.

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