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Since our beginning in 1989, Fastener Service Corporation has been at the forefront of business inventory management, providing the highest quality fasteners and Class C commodities from leading manufacturers. As a privately-held corporation with a broad customer base, we can guarantee stability through the swings of business cycles.

Our founders foresaw a change in the philosophy of inventory procurement and realized that more efficient, cost effective inventory systems can change the way businesses operate. The key idea behind the founding of our company was the FAST-SERV Inventory Management Program, created to support this new concept for purchasing the low dollar, high volume products that companies need.

Fastener Service’s inventory specialists will work with you to determine ideal min/max quantities for your facility’s Class C commodities. With our “minimum control bag” we eliminate shortages and overstock. As a dock-to-stock program, FAST-SERV eliminates the need for quality control inspections—Fastener Service performs three quality checks on every item to guarantee the correct parts are delivered directly to your manufacturing floors. The FAST-SERV program is a fast, efficient way to save both time and money.

We serve OEMs, defense contractors, and businesses in a broad range of industries, from the Fortune 500 to small and medium-sized manufacturers. Fastener Service provides commercial products in stainless steel and exotic materials, specials to print, spacers-standoffs, wire management products, a full line of inserts (solid and helical), and Mil-spec hardware (AN, MS, NAS, NASM, and DFARS compliant). Our strong financial foundation and diverse client base is recognized and appreciated by both our customers and suppliers, making us a key partner assuring success.

Our additional available services include kitting, packaging, and labeling services, which add further value to the FAST-SERV business inventory management program.

From our 40,000 square foot warehouse based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we proudly serve clients throughout California with our award-winning FAST-SERV supply chain management solution, plus we ship worldwide to support customer requirements. In addition, our FAST-SERV Remote program enables us to provide our inventory management expertise to companies throughout the nation.

Fastener Service’s inventory management programs will help boost your company’s productivity and improve your bottom line. Contact us today to set up the FAST-SERV program for your business.

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